Tell the Truth. Let’s be honest. Do table shots and group photos really depict the true personalities of your guests? As photographers, we might get a cool shot of your crazy college roommate doing his infamous break dance routine, but what about Aunt Sally and Uncle Joe who just watch from their seats because they don’t know how to boogie?

Your guests are important to you (remember agonizing over the guest list?) and you want memories of them enjoying your great celebration. Our solution is the Truth Booth, a 10 x 12-foot space we set up at your party to provide a unique and entertaining experience for everyone. With a sleek design and remote capabilities, your guest will enjoy creating moments where they can let down their hair and loosen their ties.

We like our robot-booth so much, we even gave it a name! Meet Linus, a photobooth so smart it takes photos by itself (via remote). So not only will you enjoy striking countless poses, but the control will be in your hands, literally! Inside the Truth Booth, anything goes, as long as you give us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

Linus will capture your muscle-head cousin bench-pressing his date; your three best friends in the classic “Hear No Evil…See No Evil….Speak No Evil” pose; and your aunt and uncle dancing the tango with red roses clenched between their teeth. Truth Booth rentals start at $1500 (or $1200 if you’ve already booked MHP for full event coverage). But, that photo of Grandma showing off her legendary legs? Priceless. Visit the Truth Booth gallery for more.