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cold & cozy in the arctic . our 2013 christmas set

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This year’s Shoots & Ladders holiday set is gonna be adorable! We’ve racked our brains to think up another set that is full of personality and we are super excited about this one. We think it will top our favorites! Cold and Cozy in the Arctic is our attempt to bring you to the North Pole this Holiday season. Bring your little eskimos to our igloo! Snuggle around the campfire, grab a cup of hot cocoa and we might even do a little ice fishing!

This session is for families and kids of all ages. Attention parents: we are making your life even easier because just like previous years, this session fee also includes 25 Christmas Cards, which we promise to have in your hands, ready to address by December 9th. Don’t have kids? That’s okay! You can play, too! Just read below for details.

This set is only three days of shooting and it’s sure to fill VERY quickly (Christmas is always our busiest time for Shoots & Ladders and we sell out every single year). So… book by right away by clicking here!

November 14, 15, & 16 we will open up our studio for sessions. No walk ins. You must have an appointment.

$150 session fee includes a family photo and individual images of your children during a 20 minute mini session (up to 3 kids – $25 per additional child) + 25 5×7 Christmas Cards (complete with envelopes)

location: 15 S 2nd Street. Wilmington, NC (must have an appointment, no walk ins)
dress: We’ve create a cozy igloo for you to cuddle under so dress warm for this frigid adventure! Cozy up in your favorite winter accessories. Hats, scarves, fur coats, puffer vests and little pops of color are perfect for this set. Still not sure of what to wear. We’ve created a Pinterest board just for this set with loads of ideas so we’ll send that link your way once you sign up!

We’ll present the images (4-6 proofs) to you online on Monday, November 25th. To get your cards back by December 9th we’ll need you to order these right away!
We’ve made it even easier to sign up this year… no more back and forth! Head over to our eventbrite page by clicking here and pick your date and time, then pay to finalize your registration!

Join our facebook page for updates by clicking here!

Our Cold and Cozy in the Arctic set will take place in our downtown Wilmington, NC studio.

free photos! no trick, it’s our treat!

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That’s right FREE, no catch! Just grab a ticket (be sure to choose the time frame that works for you) then swing by our studio on October 31st with your little ones in costume and we’ll take their photo, for FREE!

We will provide you with a free facebook image which you can tag from our Shoots & Ladders Facebook Page and share with your friends and family! All images will be placed online and can be ordered as desired. Prints sold separately, candy is included!

Just one photo per child. If you are bringing multiple kids, you’ll need to decide if you want them photographed together OR individually. If photographing them individually be sure to grab a ticket for each child.

Tickets can be reserved at Don’t wait, limited tickets available! Children must be in costume for this session.

Welcome Renee to MHP!

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Life is full of changes. New seasons bring new opportunities. At MHP we live life in the fast lane. We zip, zag and zoom. Along the way we enjoy each turn this journey takes. We’ve got a pretty amazing team of photographers at MHP. We care about each other, we care about our clients and we care about living lives that make a difference. When we find someone we connect with, we don’t like to let them go. That’s exactly what happened in 2010 when a brown headed college student entered our studio for an 8 week internship. Her name was Renee and in just 8 weeks she entwined herself around our teams heart. At the end of Renee’s internship, I offered her a job as a photographer at MHP. After much discussion, she turned me down but not because she didn’t want the job. She had plans to move home to Kansas and felt that was where she needed to be. Fast forward a few years, Renee met the love of her life here in the Carolinas, married him and found herself calling NC home once again.

It does not feel like Renee every really left MHP. We’ve kept in touch! You might recognize her, MHP photographed her wedding, Lindsey was even a bridesmaid in her wedding and she’s been second shooting with us for a little while now!

This turn in Renee’s journey brought her back to MHP and the timing could not have been better. Claire informed me of some changes coming in her life, one of which includes a new baby next March and another which included going in a different direction with her career, not photography related at all. Immediately Renee came to mind and a few staff meetings and one phone call later she said yes!

I guess you could say that this story goes to show that even when something you really want doesn’t work out, it does not mean the opportunity is gone forever. If you play your cards right and wait for the opportunity to rise again, it just might and when it does… grab it and don’t look back! So that’s what we are doing folks… welcome Renee to our team! We are running full speed ahead, in fact she and Lindsey already have weddings booked for 2014!

Renee is currently living in the Highpoint/Greensboro area with plans to relocate to Wilmington next year. Renee is available for portraits in Greensboro, Highpoint, and Wilmington. Although Renee’s base for weddings will be Wilmington, NC she can be booked worldwide. At MHP we love to travel and we are excited for this new adventure!

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  • October 1, 2013 | 5:30 PM

    Congratulations to the entire MHP team. By adding Renee you gained a great photographer and wonderful person.
    Thumbs up, ya’ll.

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