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lauren + mike engagement

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Lauren and Mike’s engagement session took place on Figure Eight Island. It was such a pleasure meeting these two, their sweet disposition was clear to me within seconds of first meeting. Every part of working with these two from their engagement session to their wedding day was a dream. I can’t wait to share the images from their big day soon!














sally + christian . engagement

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This engagement session didn’t even feel like real life, this entire weekend didn’t in fact. It’s as if we stepped into a fairy tale with fog rising off the waters, friendly neighing horses, beautiful barns, and the most amazing location on earth. Blackberry Farm is one of the most fabulous places on earth and if my words are not enough to convince you of that, then perhaps these photos will. We rose with the sun for these images the day before their wedding and were greeted by the most amazing cloud of fog moving slowly over the still waters, it really was like nothing I’ve ever seen!

After their session concluded I spent a little time out in the fields with Farmer John while he tended to the food which would be served on their wedding table the following day. I also enjoyed photographing a gentleman fly fishing in the stream nearby which I later found out was Christian’s father.


















One Response to sally + christian . engagement

  • January 19, 2014 | 4:58 PM

    So amazing guys! I cant wait to see the wedding after seeing the engagement and rehearsal dinner!

abby + trey

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Earlier this fall Brent and I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Abby and Trey who are getting married next Spring. These two are so sweet and we were so excited that we had a perfect afternoon at Abby’s home for their engagement session!
Abby and Trey met several years ago through one of Abby’s sister. Watching them interact makes their love for one another evident. We appreciated the quiet smiles and laughs they shared between one another during the session. This wedding is going to be amazing just like Abby and Trey and we are honored to be the ones to capture it all!













Thanks Abby and Trey for the afternoon together! Both of you are so great to work with and we can’t wait to do it again for your wedding weekend!

jody + jonathan

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Several weeks ago, Brent and I had the chance to connect with Jody and Jonathan who are getting married this fall. The afternoon was full of “sheer luck” moments and perfect timings. With what I believe to be the help of my big mouth and my obvious baby bump, we had the opportunity to shoot where Jody and Jonathan met, The Carter Finley Stadium (and many, many thank you’s to the two staff members who were kind enough to let us capture these moments in the stadium).

Jody’s twin sister set her up to meet Jonathan at the football game, but might not have mentioned to Jody that a set up was actually taking place. And even though Jody brought a “friend” along to the game, it didn’t stop Jonathan from being his sweet self and getting to know Jody AND her friend. Needless to say, Jonathan’s kindness and personality won her over and the two began to see one another exclusively. Not only do they enjoy going to football games together, but they enjoy traveling, cooking and spending time on projects around their lovely home. They have a sweet pup, a curious cat, and even two chickens and a bee hive! Jody and Jonathan are just all around good people and after their session we enjoyed an evening of dinner in downtown Raleigh.

Brent and I can’t wait until the wedding because we know it’s going to be wonderful!




















caitlin + vinnie

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Not long ago Brent and I met up with Caitlin and Vinnie who are getting married this summer on Bald Head Island, NC. One of the first things Caitlin told us about herself and Vinnie was that they don’t really know what to do in photos and they were a little nervous. We LOVE when our clients are honest and open up to us about things like that! Bringing in the honesty and vulnerability allows us as photographers to lead and be creative with our clients. It doesn’t mean we always direct every step of the way with detailed instructions, but it gives us the opportunity to set the mood of the session, to be creative and to have a great time in general. Overall, we think Caitlin and Vinnie rocked their session and we can’t wait to see them again in several weeks for the wedding!











Caitlin and Vinnie, thanks for being open with us from the get go! You two are a wonderful couple and we are so glad we had the chance to chat throughout the session and get to know you. We know the wedding is going to be wonderful and we can’t wait to meet your families!


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