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the highsmith family

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As a photographer, there are some families you fall in love with instantly. For us at MHP, one of those families is the Highsmith’s. I have photographed 60th anniversary parties, a wedding, newborn photos, and birthdays, marking some pretty amazing milestones in their lives. These people are full of warmth, love and community just like these images depict.

I joined them the day after Thanksgiving as they all gathered at the family cabin to enjoy a BBQ pig on the grill. A few of the things I remember most are golf cart rides through the woods with giggly kids, snuggling babies by the fire, clay pigeons flying through the air and gunshots ringing in my ears.  But it took one another’s company to remind them of all the things they are truly grateful for… family, faith, health and their many blessings were all some of the words chosen by them and permanently penned to napkins. Perhaps one of my favorite moments was photographing Mr. Highsmith while he penned his blessings, faith and family being firsts. These napkins  will no doubt be used for many years to come as a visual to the strong foundation of their family.  It was the perfect afternoon, I already want to go back. It’s not very many sessions that I get to shoot and be surrounded by such warm and inviting people paired with the perfect location and a delicious thanksgiving spread with key lime pie to wrap it up, yum all around!































the garrison family

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This sweet family drove in from Pinehurst for their session and I was really trying to make the most of the conditions we were dealt. It was an incredibly windy and cold day… so cold in fact, I wore gloves and 3 shirts to their session (and I’m hot natured). Their littlest one, Emma, was freezing and she wasn’t super thrilled about having to be out in sub zero temperatures but somehow in between trips to the car for her to thaw out, lots of nose wiping, and a location change to try and block the wind, we managed to get some incredibly fun images of this adorable family. Sometimes the sessions that seem the most challenging are the sessions that turn out to be my favorites! Perhaps it’s because you get what you get and it’s 100% them!

Also, Rachel is a photographer herself! When you are a photographer most of your time is spent on the other side of the lens which makes these photos of Rachel with her family that much sweeter! The images you see below are a mix of film and digital too.





















jayme + andy

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From the first time I chatted with Jayme & Andy over the phone about their wedding day I knew they were going to be a fun couple to photograph. They are full of energy and I could hear them smiling when we would talk. I was right! We spent an hour walking around downtown Wilmington and getting to know one another a little better. I learned a lot of fun facts about their love story and the two of them. They met through close friends with a quick hello then one year later they had their first date. They even attended the same high school but didn’t meet until 7 years after graduation, crazy! These two live near Chicago, but for their wedding in May I get to travel to the Outer Banks and I can’t wait!

Jayme & Andy, My favorite thing about you two is the joy you bring. I can’t help but smile when I’m around you both! See you in May!

erin + joe

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In less than a month I’ll be celebrating with these two as they tie the knot! For their engagement session they chose a location close to their heart and their home. We enjoyed the most beautiful sunset in the greatest of company and my most favorite part, almost all of these images are film!

Erin and Joe, what I love most about your session was the amazing sunrise, the soft colors, Erin’s piercing eyes, Joe’s signature hat, and ending with your sweet little paddle boat ride around your backyard using the boat Joe built with his Father!

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samantha + graham

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Graham and Samantha are photographers in Chapel Hill, just a stones throw from us in Wilmington. However, we never had the pleasure of meeting until their session. Graham and I emailed back and forth as he told me of their plans to celebrate an upcoming one year wedding anniversary at a place that was close to their hearts, Bald Head Island. He wanted to set up a session for him and Samantha. The first day we had planned didn’t work out as scheduled because of the weather, we opted to hold out a couple of days and wound up with what I am sure was the prettiest day Bald Head Island had seen in quite some time. It could not have been more perfect!

It’s always a pleasure to shoot for and get to know other photographers. I feel like this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship but one thing I know for sure, this is one beautiful couple!

























Samantha and Graham, it really was a pleasure getting to know you both. I hope your one year anniversary was perfect! Until next year keep spinning on the beach at sunset, holding one another close, and squeezing in all the kisses you can. Hugs!


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  • August 12, 2012 | 8:54 PM

    Love these two and love these photos, Millie! SO perfect for them!

  • August 1, 2012 | 11:31 AM

    You two are so adorable! LOVE the pics, Millie!

  • July 9, 2012 | 7:32 PM

    oops! I meant burned 🙂 Also, it was so nice to hang out with both you and Claire!! thanks again! -samantha

  • July 9, 2012 | 7:30 PM

    Millie – Ohmygoodness gracious! Thank you so much – I just burnt my dinner because I couldn’t stop looking at these. Thank you for such a fun evening and helping to make our anniversary special. We will cherish these forever! xoxo

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