Get to Know Us

Welcome to MHP. Let’s chat. About style, personality, and you.

We Like Your Style. It’s how we feel about our clients. It’s how they feel about us. We create fresh, tailored images with layers of quirky fun, confident personality, humble sophistication and timeless charm. Who we are and what we do—it’s tough to separate the two. We like happy events (like weddings and family reunions) and happy people (adult and kids). You can find our full list of services here.

Personality Matters. Yours and ours. There’s nothing like a perfect fit. Just click on our names to learn more about each one of us and view our galleries.

What About You? No..wait! Don’t tell us yet. Let us guess…..You work hard, but you play hard too. Your friends describe you as “loyal, loving, always ready for adventure and just a little bit crazy.” You like to mix it up: modern with a touch of vintage; preppy with a hint of funky; indie folk with an occasional weakness for a Top 40 dance hit. You’re confident, but sometimes shy. Romantic, but not sappy. Occasionally solemn, but more often happy-go-lucky.

We can already see we’re going to have a lot in common. We can’t wait to discover your little quirks; pinpoint your unique style; marvel at your fascinating story (don’t be modest–we know you have one!). At MHP, the first thing we do is get to know you so that every image we take reflects your style.

Tell Your Parents. We’re respectable. (Ask any vendor in town about our reputation). We’re mature (Millie started this business in 1999 and changed its name in 2005). And we’re the kind of photographers you’d be proud to bring home to your mother. We believe in things like integrity, professional conduct, and dress codes. Read more here.