A pair of Netflix-addicted college pals turned photography partners: Renee and Becky have keen eyes for the screen – be it their digital cameras or their TV sets. Becky’s favorite films include Clueless and High Fidelity, though her hubby has recently given her a crash course in Hollywood classics. Renee likes modern grit—crime dramas featuring bad guys and girls behind bars.   When Netflix is on, Renee cuddles up with her husband, Justin; her dog, Lady; and her cat, Mike. Becky shares the sofa with her husband Brandon; their bouncing baby boy, Dylan; and their two rescue dogs, Lux and Darcie.

500: The number of people in Renee’s hometown.  Or the number of people in Becky’s graduating class. Becky’s been all over – from the Florida coast to the Scotland moors, and she loves her hometown because it’s just a few hours’ drive from every major city in North Carolina. Renee’s a small town girl—she hates it when people don’t say hi!

You know what else Renee doesn’t like?  Being told she looks like Christina Ricci.  As for Becky, she’d rather not be forced to pick her favorite tattoo – a former tattoo parlor shop girl; she has more than a few. What are their favs? For Becky, it’s hot tea and hanging out, whereas Renee’s a coffee addict known for using an over-abundance of exclamation points in emails!!!

At first glance, you might not guess that the Hollywood look-alike is an eclectic enthusiast from Kansas and that the tattooed woman is, at heart, a sweet southern belle!  Or, that Renee spent more than a year planning her DIY wedding, but Becky planned hers in less than three weeks.  That’s how these two roll—different on the surface, but fundamentally the same.  Lucy and Ethel.  Laverne and Shirley.  Thelma and Louise.  They’ve got the chemistry and a connection that only the best of friends share.  To quote Becky:  “Renee’s my homegirl!”

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