Appreciates the Little Things (with Her Big Heart). Born and raised in the Carolinas on home-cooked meals, Christian principles, and lots of hugs. Loves giggling, good times and has a gift for gab (yakety yak!). Started this business while in college (good thing she majored in Business). A sentimentalist who cherishes her grandmother’s cooking utensils. Also loves lavender, succulent gardens, and shopping at Anthropologie. Hates glitter; it goes against her neat-freak tendencies.

Fiercely devoted to family and friends. Ever the cool aunt, Millie loves to ham it up with her five fab nieces and nephews. She’s also a soon-to-be adoptive mother and protective foster mama to two sweet kids. In the past few years, Millie fostered six others, too. Ask to hear the story of Little Wren. And isn’t it the bees knees that history is repeating itself? Millie and Amanda now both have daughters who are besties too. Then there’s Ford, who just learned to motor around the house at full speed! Always zooming around herself, Millie never rests on her laurels. Her current big plans are architectural – building a homestead for her growing family and foster care mission.

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Christmas on the Farm – Shoots & Ladders

Thu October 19, 2017 10:00am

Boy howdy are we gonna have fun this year!! Shoots & Ladders is heading to the Farm for our Holiday shoot. We will have stylized elements in a real farm setting. It’s a twist on our typical holiday sessions as we will be outside and live… Read more

lauren & ryan [mother + son]

Tue September 6, 2016 1:48pm

Such a joy to meet these two for the perfect sunset at Wrightsville Beach. Ryan is away at college so Lauren took the opportunity to have images taken of the two of them while he was here visiting. I’m so glad she did!… Read more

yatcher family

Sun September 13, 2015 10:00am

I met Mindy many years ago through mutual friends. She and her husband, Dan, flew me to Florida to capture their big day several years back and we have kept in touch through the years over social media and email. When she was planning a trip to… Read more

stacey + cary . wedding

Fri September 11, 2015 2:04pm

This Charlotte, North Carolina wedding took place at the uptown Ritz-Carlton. Ivy Robinson transformed the Ritz with swanky lounge furniture, an entire wall of flowers, and gorgeous chandeliers. Some of my favorite memories were the letters Stacey… Read more

stacey + cary . rehearsal dinner

Sun August 23, 2015 10:00am

Stacey and Cary’s Rehearsal Dinner took place at a fun little pub, Ri Ra Irish Pub, in uptown Charlotte. One of my most favorite memories from this evening was seeing Cary serenade his bride-to-be with a surprise performance! After dinner, they… Read more