Studio + Team

Come On In. Our studio is headquartered in the heart of historic downtown Wilmington, a charming port town on the Cape Fear River where horse-drawn carriages clickety-clack down brick paved streets. In fact, at one time, our studio housed livery stables for the downtown community. Instead of horses, these days we house scooters! Restored by architect Ligon Flynn, you enter via an open-air garden called The Atrium, a perfect outdoor space for intimate weddings. Inside, on our sprawling second floor loft, you’ll discover exposed brick walls, a daylight studio, hammocks, comfy couches, and a “creepy” clown we strategically hide to surprise unsuspecting interns.

Want to see more? Follow us, we’ll show you around… (see the studio gallery below)

Nice to Meet You.  Our company has just one name, but we’re an entire team of crazy, creative, passionate, professionals.  Our photographers are based across North Carolina, but work all over the world.

We believe that real relationships happen when people go beyond the pleasantries of a formal introduction, so we’re inviting you behind the scenes into our homes, our work spaces, our hearts and our minds.  Next time, let’s do lunch.

Meet Our Team

  • Millie Holloman
  • Amanda Holloman