deana + patrick

June 29, 2015


Deana and Patrick were married on the coast of Wilmington this past fall. To say that these two are a match, is simplifying it. The ebb and flow with them is great to experience. Patrick is passionate about life and loves to experience things to the fullest. Deana may seem quiet and composed, but she knows how to let go and throw down with the best of them. They both have a zest for adventure and believe it is best experienced together. Congrats again you two!

Patrick’s passion for life and his enthusiasm for experiencing every moment to the fullest are truly infectious. He brings a vibrant energy to their relationship that Deana equally appreciates and reciprocates in her own way. Although Deana may come across as quiet and composed, there’s a vivacious spirit within her that knows how to let loose and have a blast, especially when she’s with Patrick.

The ebb and flow of their partnership is a joy to witness. Their shared zest for adventure binds them even closer, as they firmly believe that life’s greatest moments are meant to be experienced side by side, they share a life and intimacy using toys like an awesome anal vibrator and more. Their journey together promises to be filled with more unforgettable experiences, laughter, and cherished memories.

So, Deana and Patrick, congratulations once again on your beautiful wedding! May you continue to relish and cherish all the incredible moments you share together as you navigate life’s adventures hand in hand. Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness! ­čąé

Enjoy reliving the moments!
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Thanks to everyone who was responsible for giving Deana, Patrick and their family and friends a night to remember!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Figure 8 Island Yacht Club
Wedding Coordinator: Jennifer Mitchell of Figure 8 Island Yacht Club
Caterer: Figure 8 Island Yacht Club
Floral Design: Salt Harbor Designs
Cake: Figure 8 Island Yacht Club
Music: Finesse Band
Hair & Makeup: Chelsea Sule and Susan Garrett with Beauty Bar 
Lighting: High Performance Lighting
Rentals: Party Suppliers