Head Over Heels. Hi there, lovebirds. Congratulations! After the question has been popped, it’s time to eat, drink and be married. Let’s talk about The Wedding Day. Here comes the bride and here come the cliches: “This is one of the biggest days of your life.” “When the cake has been eaten, all you’ve got is the photos.” When it comes to photography, we try to avoid cliches at all costs, while honoring the truth behind them.

For us, this isn’t just another wedding; it’s your wedding. We look for the thoughtful touches and shared moments that tell your story. Our photos emphasize the emotions, details, and moments that make your wedding uniquely you–your grandfather’s cuff links nestled in your bouquet; your mom’s reaction when she sees you in her old wedding dress; your end-of-the-night-get-away in a classic vintage car.

Our style is neither strictly traditional, nor rigidly photojournalistic. Whether candid or posed, we approach each shot in way that feels natural and fun, not contrived. We won’t ask you to tilt your head thirty degrees to the right, but we might suggest you cuddle on a nearby bench. During the solemnity of the ceremony, we are unobtrusive. But when everyone heads for the dance floor, we’ll be right there with them, cameras in tow! Our aim is to create a crisp, clean, color-saturated, magazine-quality collection of moments that evoke the atmosphere of your wedding day.

You remember that feeling? That spark of recognition when you met and you “just knew” that he or she was The One? We believe you should have a similar connection to your wedding photographer(s). Visit our Get to Know Us page where we bet you’ll fall head over heels for one of our team members. When you do, contact us for more information. If it’s a perfect match, we promise to say “I Do.”