The Big Picture. Wanna see the Big Picture? Start by looking at the details. At MHP, we subscribe to the philosophy of a famous Italian poet: “People don’t remember days; they remember moments.” The whole family enjoying a meal of barbeque, mac ‘n cheese and iced tea in the backyard; Grandpa teaching the apple of his eye how to ride a horse; the toddler reaching up to give his Daddy-O a big high-five.

Sometimes, you need more than just a snapshot. You need a portrait with vivid color and emotion that jumps off the page. A crisp, fresh, tailored shot. A photo like that favorite item in your wardrobe that will never go out of style. It was an investment you’ll never regret. We photograph people at all stages in life’s script: A high school senior; that new bundle of joy; a romantic guy popping the question; a glowing expectant Mom with a big baby bump. A married couple on date night. The extended family enjoying summer vacation. The options are as varied as the beautiful moments and the fine details that make up your life.

When you book a portrait session, we’ll take the time to really get to know you. We’ll help you brainstorm on locations and ideas to capture images that truly express your personality and passions. Shot entirely on location, our one-hour portrait sessions incorporate a bit of formal portraiture (Mom’s pick for the holiday greeting card) with easy, breezy candids (that moment when he pushed back that lock of her hair the way he always does; he didn’t even realize we were paying attention!) We provide our expert editing, online viewing, and unforgettable photographs in our signature style. To see how our photographers view The Big Picture, visit their portrait galleries on their personal pages.