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We believe that great photography rekindles recognition of the things you might take for granted, creates life-changing transformation, and helps preserve the essentials you don’t want to forget.
Shannon & Hunter Hillenmeyer

Thank you, thank you, thank you Millie Holloman Photography. You and your staff would be a treasure and blessing for any couple on their wedding day. We can’t wait to continue following your incredible career and the gorgeous, timeless work that flows out of it. You all were so amazing to work with. On a once-in-a-lifetime day, we were so lucky to depend on your talent, passion and the tinge of magic that shines through your photographs.


We Photography Love | Wilmington, NC Wedding Photographers Millie Holloman

Welcome to Millie Holloman Photography. Our company has just one name, but we're an entire team of crazy, creative, passionate, professional Wilmington, NC wedding photographers. Each of us are based in the amazing and incredible state of North Carolina (Wilmington & Raleigh), but we also work all over the world. We shoot just one word, in many instances: Love. Wedding Love. Baby Love. Family Love. Love of details. Love of design. Love of nature. Our website showcases the images, the people, and the stuff we want to share, both professionally and personally.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Business | Wedding Photos by Millie Holloman

Millie Holloman got her professional start photographing in 1999, but before that, she had been shooting for about 4 years prior. What really made Millie fall in love with photography was a trip to Israel shooting film: that started it all! She then started shooting family photos, which led to a word of mouth phenomenon, and here we are today! Millie's company is now an entire team of photographers who also do their part to run the thriving business that is Millie Holloman Photography.

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Millie is driven by her love of capturing real moments of what people are sharing with each other: experiences, emotions, remembrances. Memories of special moments and events gradually become faded for most people, and images serve as accurate reminders of the love that surrounds family and friends. Millie takes to heart that portraits are a blessing and help us be grateful for the love and relationships that we have. It's connecting with clients on a personal level that leads to great portraits. Connection is achieved by taking the time to know each client so every wedding photography experience is customized for every couple.

Tailor-Made Art For Couples | Wilmington, NC Wedding Photos

While each of Millie's photographers has their own style, you'll find that every photographer you'll work with, including Millie, all have the same attributes. All photographs are going to be photojournalistic, which means you won't find those cheesy '80s poses in any portrait. Each photo will have a candid nature, not contrived. We all love to surprise our couples with detail shots. We like to come up with something different for each bride and groom that they will treasure forever. Every one of our photographers will fit in as seamlessly as if they were an invited guest, and capture the full range of emotions that the big day brings.