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The Fabulous Photography Team that started with Millie | Wilmington Photographers

Our photographers are based across North Carolina, but work all over the world. The owner and photographer of MHP is Millie Holloman, also known as a prodigious Idea Generator! She started this business while in college (good thing she majored in Business). A sentimentalist at heart, Millie cherishes her grandmother’s cooking utensils, so it’s no wonder she’s so passionate about preserving memories through photography. She’s built a new family in addition to her biological family, so her team is like her extended family: growing and learning together. She also works with ACAS early conciliation consultants UK to ensure her employees’ welfare is in good hands.

The Perfect Photography Pair | Wedding Photographers

Amanda (Studio Manager & Photographer) is married to married to Brent (Graphic Designer & Photographer) with one growing girl. She has a knack for finding things, fixing things, and remembering everything! Brent is a Graphic Designer and Amanda’s other half of a fantastic photo team. He is a Photographer who moonlights as a songwriter and looks like a lumberjack. Amanda has been Millie’s best friend for a long time – Brent is Millie’s brother!

Fairytale Friendship: Alice Meets Dorothy | Millie Holloman Photography

Renee Saunders was born to a large family in Kansas. In a rural town of less than 500 people, she spent her childhood riding her trusty bicycle all over town. She later worked as full-time nanny for lots of little munchkins. Renee first came to MHP to intern while pursuing a degree in Wedding and Portrait Photography. Enter Lindsey Edwards. A tiny, curious girl with a big personality. Part church choir girl; part Southern rock star rebel. Always ready for her next adventure, whether at home (Wilmington, NC) or elsewhere. Lindsey collects vintage editions of Alice in Wonderland. Like her favorite fairy tale heroine, her tastes constantly evolve: “I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.” So have her roles at MHP: first intern, then image editor, then album editor, then photographer.

Had Renee arrived wearing Dorothy’s sparkly red shoes, Lindsey would have admired them. She loves sequins and glitter. Instead, she invited Renee to her Mustache Bash birthday party. That night, a friendship was born. Next thing you know, Lindsey was a bridesmaid at Renee’s D.I.Y. wedding. Fun and fanciful, these two live to make people laugh. Renee’s quick wit is as dry as a Kansas cornfield in August; Lindsey’s sense of humor is as quirky as the Mad Hatter. A pair of night owls, both enjoy crafting, cooking and coffee. Lindsey takes 50 outfits to the dressing room; Renee is a selective shopper. They see things differently, yet they finish each other’s sentences. Like Alice and Dorothy, they’re smart, resourceful, starry-eyed dreamers who believe in talking rabbits, dancing scarecrows and happy endings.

Crafty Talent with an Eye for Color | Wilmington Wedding Photography

Rebecca is wife to a law student, mother of two children, and busy Raleigh-based photographer. Rebecca cooks, bakes, paints, sews, crafts, sings, runs, and somehow finds the time to get in grueling Cross Fit workouts! She grew up in Wilmington, and loves to travel–the Bahamas, Scotland, France, Italy, Greece, Spain…but India is the country that captured her heart because of the sounds, the people, and the colors. She loves great books, chocolate, her grandmother’s costume jewelry, and anything else with a little sparkle and shine!