Our Approach

We create elegant, editorial images that reflect the love you feel.
We believe everyone is beautiful, and every detail helps to tell your story.
We endeavor to make classic, timeless photos that will stand the test of time. We celebrate natural light and honor natural beauty with an editing style that enhances them both.
We recognize you want images you can live with today, that will also serve as heirlooms for future generations.
We strive to capture photos that promote joy, connection, gratitude, and happiness.
We work to be intentional, thoughtful and real, highlighting the connection and emotion in every image.
We care about making you comfortable, having fun, and being empathetic.
We believe that great photography rekindles recognition of the things you might take for granted, creates life-changing transformation, and helps preserve the essentials you don’t want to forget.
We aim to deliver happiness, sparking deeper connections amidst families and friends.


Two decades ago, while Millie was still a business major in college, she launched Millie Holloman Photography. Born and raised in the Carolinas on home-cooked meals and Christian principles, she had natural talent, the gift of gab, and a strong work ethic. Since then, her own life experiences – and the privelege of witnessing those of so many others – have informed the lens through which she sees the world. Named a Top Photographer by Martha Stewart Weddings, Millie has photographed everything from babies being born in hospital rooms to loved ones saying goodbye in Hospice.

Her email signature reads “Walking on Sunshine”, a reflection of Millie’s joyful, engaging personality. Yet beneath her sunny demeanor, you’ll also find a deep gratitude and appreciation for meaning and connection that imbues her work. Millie says: “I’ve known loss and plenty, self-doubt and success. It’s why I have such respect for the beauty in the simplest of moments.” Clients talk about how Millie works with ease, making everyone – babies, brides or celebrities – feel comfortable. She can command a room, yet also perform that incredible magic trick of discretely disappearing into the background to let a meaningful moment unfold.

A sentimentalist who cherishes her grandmother’s cooking utensils, Millie is fiercely devoted to family and friends. She adopted two children via foster care – Wren and Ford – and has fostered eight others, all as a single mom. She built a house in the country, where on any given day, you’ll find Millie, six hens, a rooster, and a gaggle of children, often including one or more of her five nieces and nephews. She lives next door to her best friend, sister-in-law, and fellow MHP photographer, Amanda. If Millie is not editing photos, chasing children, or folding laundry, you might find her riding her tractor, or posting on Instagram: @millieholloman.


Shooting professionally at Millie Holloman Photography for 15 years, Amanda Holloman has been best friends with Millie since her teens. They’re family, literally. When Amanda married Millie’s brother, Brent, the entire Holloman family got lucky. In addition to being an incredible wife, mother, aunt, daughter- and sister-in-law, Amanda is also a contributing vocalist and musician for Brent’s band, Beta Radio; the Studio Manager and glue that holds MHP together; and a talented photographer.  But her talent doesn’t stop there – Amanda is a phenomenal cook (sushi and Thai are favorites) and co-creator and co-host of The LadyBits Podcast on Spotify.

She and Brent built an eclectic, modern home in the country complete with black trim and mouldings, concrete floors, a mini-recording studio, and a fire pit right outside giant sliding glass doors – a favorite gathering place for family and friends. Her artsy daughter Genevieve is a collector of all the things; and smart, sensitive son, Finn, is a puzzle-solving master. Milo, their longtime, long-haired miniature Dachshund pays no mind to the family’s two rescue cats, Fig and Penny. Millie found Fig on the family’s property while mowing; Penny showed up as a stray and decided to stick around.

Amanda is a DoTerra oils devotee, and she collects unusual bowls and quilts. Does her unhealthy obsession with boots count, too? She drinks her coffee iced black, in summer, but prefers a dirty chai latte when temperatures fall. Favorite ways to listen to music: at full blast alone in the car, or, dancing around the kitchen with the kids.

Sentimental, yet saucy, Amanda serves clients with her signature style which includes heaps of hard-working professionalism, a generous dollop of loving emotion, and a little silly on the side. If Amanda is not shooting or editing photos, cooking dinner from scratch, or binge-watching the latest Netflix series, you might find her walking a local park trail while catching a podcast, or posting on Instagram: @amandaholloman.