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Getting to Know You | Millie Holloman Engagement Photographers

Engagement photography is so special to couples, not only for the resulting photos shared with loved ones, but for getting comfortable with your wedding photographer! We believe so strongly in us getting to know each other, that way your wedding pictures will be truly amazing. You don’t have to live near us to have an engagement session, you can go to a destination spot – whatever suits you and your finance best. We love to tailor each session for each couple through a questionnaire, that way each experience is special and unique.

Storytelling your Love | Wilmington Engagement Sessions

What do we love about meeting a new couple? It’s learning about what makes each couple work, why and how they love each other. By us getting to know each other through the engagement session, we find out what each person is looking forward to the most about the wedding. These little tidbits help us to cover your wedding with the best photography imaginable. Our team is also made up of a bunch of different personalities, so there’s going to be someone (or some team!) that will gel with each couple perfectly.

Comfortable Photography | North Carolina Portraits

The benefit of having an engagement session paired with wedding photography is that during an engagement portrait shoot, a rapport is formed between the couple and the photographer(s). It’s a learning process that is more fun than most people think. The magic happens when couples get to know how easy photography can be. We’re skilled and personable photographers who don’t get in the way of the magic that a couple has. It’s the relationship between two people in love that we capture. It’s all about you!

Engagement Photography Locations | Destination Photographers

Locations are always a hot topic for engagement sessions. There are plenty of places you can look at on our blog to get an idea (and a better feel for what the shoots themselves produce). Sessions can be local, or turned into a mini vacation, or done just before your wedding (local or destination). Wherever you think your story can best be told, is where we’ll happily go. What’s wonderful about our style is, no matter where you choose, we make each location unique for every couple. We can’t wait to work with you!