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At Millie Holloman Photography, we believe that there is no better moment than when you have everyone you love in one room celebrating family. We love never knowing what a wedding is going to be like, and we are almost addicted to the sweet surprises that weddings bring about. We’re honored and thankful for each couple we are invited to photograph, and we love to blend in to every wedding just like any other guest. We are a team of vibrant yet unobtrusive photographers who seek to tell the story of love. We believe in being personable and personal, because it’s not just any wedding, it’s YOUR wedding. We’re here to celebrate along with you, and provide professional proof of an event that’s been in the making: your wedding planned with love.

Fall Head Over Heels for our Photographers | Wilmington Wedding Photography

With a team of Wilmington, NC wedding photographers ready to choose from, you’ll find that all team members are genuine, optimistic, and full of life. We all want to make sure that all the people we are lucky to work with feel at ease during each and every session, and that each session is tailored to them. We also want to show our clients that they can trust the whole process, from beginning to end. Once you book us, worrying about photography ceases because our clients know what to expect.

Craftsman Photography | Wilmington Weddings

All photography we do for clients is hand touched and we give individual attention while editing. We love to individualize everything we do, because that’s what makes this kind of work so special. We have the latest computers and softwares to give you the best edited photos you can find. We’ve also gotten ourselves acquainted with using a tablet because we can click and edit photos on the run. Capturing love and turning it into family heirlooms for generations to treasure is what we’re proud to do. At every step of the way, we’re here for you: from the engagement, to the wedding, on to the baby photos! Our clients become more than the word suggests: they become family to us, too.

Uniquely You | Fun and Relaxed Wedding Style

Our team is spread out across North Carolina, but we also travel the world photographing weddings. Wherever you feel your story is best told, we are there! Wherever you choose to share your vows, we look for the thoughtful touches and shared moments that tell your story. Our photos emphasize the emotions, details, and moments that make your wedding uniquely you. Whether candid or naturally posed, we approach each shot in way that feels natural and fun, not contrived. That’s just our style, and we’re betting it’s yours too.