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Timeless North Carolina Wedding Portraits | Nuptial Photography

At Millie Holloman Photography, we strive for portraits that are timeless, yet in the moment. We believe our style is conversational, classic, and friendly. We’re not the stereotypical Wilmington, NC wedding photographers who are always in the way of everyone’s view, throughout the entire wedding celebration. Our presence in each wedding is seamless – we blend in effortlessly, and all the while, we are capturing moments as they happen.

Photography Services | Millie Holloman Photography

We offer weddings and portraits to celebrate the full range of family experiences. Weddings are kind of where things start, right? A proposal for marriage means an engagement session to celebrate the forthcoming wedding. After the wedding is accomplished, next up is portraits for all ages. After all, marriage is how two families combine to start a new one! Our Shoots & Ladders portrait session is our way of helping new families celebrate additions to the family. Photography sessions with new additions start even before they are born with cute baby bump maternity photos. When wee ones are older, we open up our daylight studio throughout the year for these mini-sessions with custom-themed hand-built sets. High school graduation is a huge milestone in a family’s life, and we love taking senior portraits to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime attainment. Portraits can be as elegant or casual as a married couple on a date night. Family vacations are also a great time to take advantage of our portrait sessions.

Tell the Truth | Fun Wilmington Weddings

One portrait service we offer that many photographers don’t is our Truth Booth. Our photo booth is usually used in weddings for couples who want their guests to have a hilarious, fun time and come away with some gorgeous-quality photographs as well. It doesn’t get more unscripted than our Truth Booth!

Portrait Sessions In-studio or on Location | Wilmington Portraits

No matter what the family occasion, we’re always ready to go! Portrait sessions can be done in-studio, at a family home, or outside. Most photographers will tell you that the best kind of light to choose is natural light. Sunsets on the beach or dock are perfectly expressive for engagement photos. Playing in a park or backyard with the early sun is a lovely backdrop for children photography. While we’re based in North Carolina (spread between Wilmington and Raleigh) we travel all over the world, too.